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For further details, please see the following Gem and Carmen-Hass presentations and the University of California’s Avocado Variety List .

Avo Rootstocks



The Clonal Advantage at Brokaw

Since the beginning of avocado culture, growers have sought to find and reproduce the ideal avocado tree. Due to genetic variability in seeds, the technique of grafting seedlings using clonal buds from superior crops has become the accepted practice. The results are the Hass, Pinkerton, Bacon, and other well-known varieties.

At Brokaw Nursery, we’ve used this concept to propagate clonal rootstocks, uniform rootstocks that display a wide range of benefits. These stocks are genetically identical and exhibit uniform behavior when planted in identical situations. Clonal rootstocks allow you to plant the best tree for your specific needs.

Clonal rootstocks are often selected for their tolerance to Phytophthora cinnamomi (Pc), a fungus that causes Avocado Root Rot disease. (Tolerance should not be confused with immunity). Other desirable rootstock attributes include tolerance to salinity, alkalinity, and iron chlorosis. As new fruit and rootstock varieties are developed, Brokaw Nursery strives to make these varieties available to its customers.


Clonal Grafting Illustration

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