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 Citrus Varieties Grown at Brokaw Nursery

Type Class Variety Peel Skin Fruit    Season Seeds Tree Specs Remarks
Lemon Lisbon Limco 8A N/A Rough Year round Yes smaller tree size more open growing, not free of thorns Most popular lemon, fruit is not of the highest quality. Vigorous & fruitful  
Lemon Lisbon Strong N/A Standard Year round Yes Thorny, Vigorous More vigorous than Strong Old Line. Bears large, good looking lemons.
Lemon Lisbon Prior N/A Smooth, classic pointed fruit shape Year round Yes Thornless, very vigorous, later bearing Large fine fruit, more vigorous than Limco 8A; requiring more pruning. Tendency to become vegetative on the coast.
Lemon Eureka Allen N/A Smoother, delicately textured Year round Yes Bears well, high quality fruit, healthy tree Has the best longevity on Macrophylla rootstock. Shorter lived than Lisbon, decline with age, productive live averages 12 years
Lemon Meyer   N/A Thin-skinned Year round Yes Small, thornless, everbloom, extended season Dark colored with less acid than Eureka and Lisbon. Commercial, farmers markets & direct sales. Lacks storability and shipability
Mandarin   Satsuma Easy Smooth, thin Winter Few Weeping Traditional winter mandarin, cold hardy, productive, vigorous.
Mandarin   Tango Easy Smooth Spring No Upright The seedless Murcott, moderately vigorous, excellent production, good fruit.
Mandarin   Gold Nugget Easy Bumpy Spring No Heavy bearing Fruit is rich and sweet with a bright orange rind. Suitable for high density.
Mandarin   Pixie Easy Smooth Winter No Fruits holds on tree Tree is vigorous, somewhat spreading.
Navel   Washington Easy Thick- Skinned Easy Peel Winter No Round, droopy canopy of moderate size Fresh fruit, peel & eat. Not very vigorous
Valencia   Olinda Sticky Thin- Skinned Summer Yes More compact than old clone.  Juicing fruit. Can establish spreading growth habits
Grapefruit   Star Ruby N/A Less thick, bumpy Spring Few not as vigorous growing  fruit is often smaller, attractive fruit that holds well on tree
Lime   Bearss Lime N/A Thin, smooth Fall/ Winter No medium large size  somewhat spreading