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In 1955, Hank Brokaw began growing avocado nursery stock in his backyard. His dream was to someday acquire land where he could establish an orchard.  Twenty-two years later he moved his family to Cheravo, a 680-acre ranch, which at the time was a steep hillside with bare ground near Santa Paula. Hank pursued his dreams and planted many varieties of avocado, and other fruit crops including cherimoya, citrus, mango, sapote, and guava. Today Brokaw Ranch Company farms 931 acres in Ventura and Monterey County. 

Fruit from our ranches are both sold to packinghouses and to individual buyers. Avocados are sold to Index Fresh and the citrus is sold to Sunkist. Will Brokaw, son of Hank & Ellen Brokaw, buys the fruit directly from the ranches and sells at the farmers markets and to restaurants in the Bay Area and Santa Cruz. To view Will's Produce, visit his website click here: Will's Avocados.com



The home ranch, Cheravo is located in Santa Paula where Hank Brokaw began his dream on the 680 acre ranch. Cheravo is planted with many varieties of avocado, citrus, cherimoya, mango, sapote, and guava.                           


Henello is 31 acres farmed in lemons near Ventura. 


Lemoravo is located in Monterey County where 81 acres of avocados and lemons are planted. 

Rancho Mupu

The newest acquisition to the Brokaw Ranches Company, neighbors the home ranch Cheravo and is set aside for further experimentation of avocado and citrus varieties and rootstocks.

Rob's Ranch

Rob's Ranch is off Highway 126 nestled between Santa Paula and Fillmore, where he is experimenting with a high density planting of 25 acres and a tree spacing of 6'x8'. Varieties planted there are Hass Carmen, Hass, GEM, Lamb Hass, Leavens Hass, and a few miscellaneous. The high density planing is also experimenting with all of the above varieties on clonal root rot resistant rootstocks; such as Dusa, Toro Canyon, and other upcoming rootstocks.  This planting is also experimenting with different cultural practices such as: irrigation, fertilizer, girdling, mounding and mulching. See photo gallery below.

Rob's Ranch, Rancho Mupu, and Henello are the newest additions to the Brokaw Ranch Company. 

High Density Planting

Hank & Ellen Brokaw