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 Welcome to Brokaw Nursery

Brokaw Nursery is located in Ventura County, California in the heart of a unique agricultural area. This is truly citrus and avocado country!

Even with thousands of acres planted in strawberries, multi-seasonal vegetables and many varieties of subtropical fruits, Ventura County is probably best known for its abundance of citrus and avocado.

Almost 50 years ago when citrus and avocado trees were in the developmental stages in Ventura County Hank and Ellen Brokaw began the nursery as an avocation. With hard work, dedication and a strong commitment to innovation they built Brokaw Nursery into one of California's largest suppliers of subtropical orchard trees.

Brokaw currently produces over 250,000 plants per year and through the years has sold more than 10 million trees to California orchard growers. Brokaw also exports to over 45 countries worldwide. While the production of citrus and avocado has been the principal activity at Brokaw Nursery since its founding in 1956, Brokaw is an industry leader in innovation in new varieties of fruits and rootstocks. In fact, the next time you eat an early maturing navel orange or delicious green winter avocado chances are they were introduced right here at Brokaw!

While continuing to grow over the years, Brokaw has worked hard at keeping staff size small and personal. Customers are quick to explain that much of the Brokaw success is due to the friendly and knowledgeable service provided by the Brokaw family.

Brokaw is proud of the work they do and visitors are always welcome at the nursery. Come by for a tour and take a look at the latest in subtropical nursery.


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